Baby Bedroom Ideas

Part of the excitement of having a baby is the preparation. By preparing a nursery you are able to free your mind of any unnecessary stress in knowing you are ready for baby’s arrival.

A natural colour scheme

If you are keeping the gender a secret, no problem, we do not get many surprises in life so it’s a great idea to wait in excitement.  Try looking at natural creams or greys, as this can be adapted with colour once baby arrives, or keeping the natural theme is a nice classic way to create a welcoming space.

Create your own wall art

You can create interesting wall art by using masking tape and different coloured paints. Creating mountains are a popular choice, as this is a unisex idea which is super simple to do even with no artistic flare. A repetitive shape stamp idea is also nice and this can make a feature wall more interesting. Polka dots, stars, clouds and triangles all work a treat too.

 Monochrome is here to stay

Baby boy rooms do not need to be the traditional blue aspect – monochrome and orange is this season’s new trend. By creating monochrome walls and hardware you are able to add a dash of bright colour throughout the soft furnishings. This is great as your baby will only see black and white to begin with.  Creating a monochromatic colour scheme will allow them to notice the difference and help introduce them to colour.

Look into fun aspects of the room, after all it is for a baby soon to be a running, playing, full of energy toddler. Fabric TP trends are often a great addition to a child’s room of any age, creating a safe sanctuary for them to have their own space. A mini ball pit can also be fun and tie in with the colour scheme. A hanging bed or swing is also a great choice, creating something unique in your child’s bedroom. Look at creative art or wall murals, as these are great ideas for giving the room character.

Animals are key

Incorporate animals into your design, children relate to animals well as it is one of the first aspects they are taught to love as children and early learners. Animal toys, wall art and soft furnishings are all easy ways to incorporate it.

Learning is super important, which is why you should look into a book shelf, fill it with some industry leading and award-winning books you wish to read with your child. You can also cover these to make them fit in with your colour scheme so they are not miss matching.

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