Quick and easy living room redesigns in just a weekend

Get ready to give your living room a completely new look in just a weekend!  Here we’re giving you some great examples of simple DIY projects that can completely rejuvenate your living room.

Giving your living room a much-needed makeover doesn’t have to mean forking out thousands for an expensive interior designer and knocking down walls.  If you’re already working with a good-sized space, then here are some quick and simple ideas to help get you started.

Install a new ‘floating’ floor

An easy to way to add a new lease of life to your living room is to change the old and tired carpet for a fresh new laminate floor.  Nowadays, you can often find laminate flooring that easily snaps into place in just a few hours.

A dark stain and hand-scraped finish will mimic the look of a real hardwood floor – for a fraction of the price!  Removing a tired carpet and replacing it with a floating floor option provides an instant update and ensures the room oozes sophistication.

Create modern farmhouse side tables

If you don’t mind taking on a little DIY project, you’ll easily be able to create your own custom two-tone end tables for minimal cost. If you can source stock lumber, you can use 2×2 poplar pieces to create a modern box base.

You can then paint the box base to match your chosen colour scheme and with the help of some wood screws and a dab of glue, your one-of-a-kind side tables will be ready in a matter of hours.  This is the perfect accessory if you’re trying to achieve a modern farmhouse style.

Create custom artwork

You may be surprised to hear this, but it’s super easy to create gallery-worthy art pieces in a matter of minutes.  Why not find purchase an oversized drywall masher and use this to create a unique and intriguing modern statement piece of artwork.  If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, why not opt for a bold colour palette – this will provide a great contrast against the calming pale colours used for the side tables and the dark-stained flooring.

Add eclectic lighting

If designed well, a fresh lighting scheme can help transform any space, helping to make it look bigger and brighter.  Opting for an eclectic and feature light in your living room is a quick way to add personality.

When it comes to different types of lighting, you’ll need to consider ambient, task and accent lighting.  Ambient lighting provides a room with overall illumination, task lighting helps to direct light and accent lights will highlight specific objects.  A mixture of different types of lighting is essential if you’re looking to create any depth.

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